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Michigan Hard Cider Initiative

A New Movement – Traditional Products:

Though fermented apple cider – in some forms known as “hard cider” – has a long tradition and history in the United States there is a new movement underway to bring flavorful, enjoyable Michigan-made hard ciders to consumers.

Fermented apple cider can be enjoyed in various forms, including “hard cider”, apple wine, and cyser (the latter which uses honey in the fermentation process). Adding other fruits – such as cherries - to fermented apple products adds to the flavor and products now being made in Michigan . Using Michigan grown pears can lead to a wonderful, flavorful perry.

Here is an excellent story written by Sandra Silfven – The Detroit News:

The Fruit Growers News offers a well written overview of the initiative, as well:

It Starts With Michigan Fruit:

Michigan has a long tradition in the fruit growing business. Michigan fruit is among the most flavorful in the world thanks to the right combination of soils and climate. The Great Lakes protect springtime blossoms and late fall fruit still ripening on trees. Add to this perhaps the most knowledgeable fruit growers in the world, and you have an industry that offers consumers flavor, variety and quality.

Apples, cherries, blueberries, grapes, cranberries, pears, peaches and more come from Michigan farms and orchards. The fast rise of the Michigan wine industry is an example of how great fruit can lead to wonderful fermented products.

See our links section for more information about the Michigan fruit industries.

Industry Interest and Investment:

While there have been some excellent Michigan hard ciders, apple wines, and other products, enjoyed by consumers in the past, there is a new found interest in expanding these products on a wider scale. Driven by increased consumer interest in flavors and choice, the Michigan fruit industry is responding by conducting educational session, working with grant funds, and linking with other industries such as the Michigan wine industry and with Michigan microbreweries.

Here's a link to information about research funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Michigan Department of Agriculture:


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